At Ponza, modern design
in an historic building,
on the delightful Ponza Island
shaped like a crescent moon.


The successful refurbishment of the house remains true to its local identity.

The history of the house echoes the historical stages of Ponza itself: over a period of some two centuries the walls were extended to improve the aesthetic value of the house and the surrounding environment.


In the middle of the 19th century, when this building originated, the owner was a certain Captain Feola, a lobster fisherman who sailed his brigantine between Ponza, Sardinia and Marseille.

As was the local custom, the island inhabitants were unable to go fishing during the winter months, and so they worked on their houses, extending them, digging out grottoes in the crumbling rock of the hills, to create new rooms, wells or cisterns to collect rainwater.

Thus was born the captain's house.


Teresa and Sergio, the present owners who initiated and directed a the refurbishment of this historic building on Ponza Island, have an enthralling story to tell, beginning from when they first saw the house:

“…there was a violent storm at sea that cut off transport back to the mainland, and we were forced to stay on the island. And that’s when we discovered the existence of this unique house, with its wonderful variety of different rooms, which is now where we have chosen to pass our holidays.”